Cleaning Procedures

When cared for properly, polished stone looks absolutely stunning and by implementing a regular maintenance program, your stonework will retain its beautiful sheen and luster.

Stone Care Tips

Always avoid using cleaning tools that will scratch the surface of the stone. Clean regularly using dust mops or vacuums, we recommend the "Micro Fiber Mopping System" to our clients.

Use cleaners with a neutral PH as harsh cleaners may etch or cause your stone to loose its luster. We recommend "Alpine Daily Cleaner" for day to day cleaning.


If streaking occurs, buff the surface with a terry towling cloth or polishing rag to create a stunning finish.

Honed Stone (low or medium gloss)

For honed surfaces, Stone Medics "Stone Soap" is a wonderful product to help breath life into dull surfaces, creating an "Old World" patina when used.

Always Remember:

  • Use a dry mop on floors frequently to prevent dust and dirt build up that may scratch stonework
  • Protect surfaces by using coasters under glasses especially if they contain alcohol, citrus juice or soda
  • Use mats under hot dishware, never place items directly on stone surfaces
  • Silverware and china can scratch stonework so always use mats or trivets to prevent damage
  • Maintain a regular dusting and cleaning regime
  • Thoroughly rinse and dry the surface after washing to prevent streaking
  • Clean spills immediately to minimize stains
  • Always clean surfaces with stone friendly products specifically recommended for your surface
  • Use rugs in high traffic areas. Ensure that they are fitted with non-abrasive, vapor permeable (breathable) nonstick padding
  • Always place chairs on either rugs or fit the legs with felt pads
  • Place plants in waterproof containers to prevent leaking

Things to avoid:

  • Do not use ammonia or other general "all purpose" cleaners
  • Do not use products that contain acid, such as bathroom, grout or tile cleaners
  • Never mix bleach and ammonia, combining these will create a lethal and toxic gas
  • Don't use cleaners that contain lemon juice or vinegar
  • Never use alkaline cleaners that are not specifically formulated for natural stone
  • Do not apply any acrylics, lacquers or other topical coatings

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