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When it comes to picking a floor for your beautiful new home, you can never go wrong with decorative concrete. It’s not surprising why so many Yorba Linda CA homeowners decide to make use of stained concrete as part or all of their flooring. It’s extremely durable, makes cleaning easy, and provides a cool shine to any room. Decorative concrete is great for many reasons! But like any other part of your beautiful home, if it’s not maintained, things can go downhill quickly. 

Have you ever been to someone’s home and immediately noticed their concrete floors look hazy or faded? A floor like that cheapens the feel of the entire room, no matter how nice the rest of it is! And usually, that one of out of place piece becomes the focus of the whole room. You can’t stop looking at it. When guests come to your home, you deserve or everything to look perfect. Don’t let your flooring hold you back. If you start to see warning signs of possible damage on your decorative concrete, what can you do?

Option A, look up a do-it-yourself solution online. Spend hours getting the supplies, learning the technique, and then still risk ending up with a less than perfect result. If you’ve already been there, it’s not your fault – it professional grade tools to make concrete floors look perfect.  Then, you have to undo all of what you just did, which could take more of your precious time. Some homeowners realize that professional equipment is important, and so they with Option B – spending their hard earned money to rent the equipment, and do the labor themselves. What they come to find out later is experience is just as important. You’ll use valuable hours learning how to use the tools and you most likely won’t get the best result. So, what’s Option C, your best option?

“Alpine Marble saved my beautiful new kitchen! I damaged my white marble with a wet cutting board that leeched into the marble making my counter blotchy brown. They worked their miracle and my counter is good as new…”

Teresa Quigley, Irvine Ca.

“We have been working with Alpine Marble for over 15 years. Alpine has far exceeded our expectations time and time again. They are our “go to” company for cleaning, sealing and protecting.“

Cory Glowacz, Huntington Beach Ca.

we’ve got all of your concrete needs covered

Let Alpine Marble do the heavy lifting for you. Use your time and energy to do something you love, and walk into a home with concrete that looks brand new. Whether it’s chips, stains, or other damage, our Yorba Linda concrete resurfacing team has everything you need to get perfect concrete results. When it comes to concrete, we perform all of the services listed below:

Yorba Linda Concrete Polishing: First up is for the basics. Noticed that your concrete seems to miss it’s usual glow? You’re not alone. After years of use, you can be sure that some of your concretes natural patina will disappear. But there’s no need to worry, the solution is actually very easy. Our Yorba Linda concrete polishing team is available and ready to bring back your concrete’s gleam.  We love the look of freshly polished floors, so we’re happy to do just one area or the entire house if it’s needed!

Yorba Linda Concrete Resurfacing: Sometimes concrete needs deeper attention than just polish. If the finish is starting to fade, your home can start to look like a construction site. Time, foot traffic and the environment in your home can start to wreak havoc on your concrete. And if it’s on the patio or outdoors, you can be sure the California sun and other elements will wear down your flooring. Does what we’re describing sound like your concrete? If that’s the case, Alpine Marble can help. We handle concrete resurfacing in Yorba Linda on a regular basis. Because we’ve been working with concrete for years, we know the best and most efficient way to restore your concrete to looking as good as new.

Yorba Linda Concrete Staining: If you have stained concrete, the color might start to disappear. But that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Whether your home just needs a color refresh, or your staining your concrete for the first time, we have the tools and experience to make it look beautiful. Don’t take our word for it, see the results for yourself! Concrete staining is one of our specialties, and we love making our clients homes look great. 

Not sure about which of these is right for you? That’s what we’re here for. Let our concrete professionals examine your flooring, identify any damage, and tell you which solution is right for you. To revive your faded or discolored or damage concrete is simple. Give us a call or fill out our contact form and we can handle the rest. We look forward to serving you!