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How great is decorative concrete? It looks luxurious, enhances your home and provides a cost efficient alternative to similar flooring. Plus, it’s durable enough to last a lifetime. Its not surprising that many Dana Point homeowners make use of decorative concrete in some form whether it’s on the patio, or in the kitchen! 

But not all concrete looks perfect. Have you ever seen someone’s home with flooring that is rough, uneven, or even appears damaged? How did you feel about that person’s home? Your flooring has a great impact on how people see your home. You deserve for them to think nothing but the best! Would you want even one small piece of a room to ruin the entire look and feel of your house? That begs the question, what should you do when you see your concrete floors looking a little worse for wear?

You have options, but many of them will eat up your time and money, and won’t get the job done right. The truth is that without the proper equipment and experience, your concrete could take a turn for the worse. So why not call in professionals who work with concrete every single day? Alpine Marble performs Dana Point concrete polishing, resurfacing, and staining regularly, and we’ve learned a few tricks of the trade along the way. Don’t waste another second if your concrete needs a little help! Take a look at our services in more detail below, and see what makes us different when it comes to concrete and natural stone. 

“Alpine Marble saved my beautiful new kitchen! I damaged my white marble with a wet cutting board that leeched into the marble making my counter blotchy brown. They worked their miracle and my counter is good as new…”

Teresa Quigley, Irvine Ca.

“We have been working with Alpine Marble for over 15 years. Alpine has far exceeded our expectations time and time again. They are our “go to” company for cleaning, sealing and protecting.“

Cory Glowacz, Huntington Beach Ca.

anything your concrete needs, we’re on it

Alpine Marble is a full service concrete specialist. We’ve seen all types of damage before, and treated them to transform our client’s homes. With techniques learned from years of working with concrete, we can fix almost any problem. See our full list of services and check out our most common concrete solutions below:

Dana Point Concrete Polishing: There’s nothing like a good shine for your concrete. Polishing gets deeper than your regular scrubbing or cleaning, and leaves you with a sparkly floor that beams. If you are interested in having your concrete glow, our Dana Point concrete polishing team is here to help.

Dana Point Concrete Resurfacing: Sometimes something can really go wrong with your concrete. Whether its the weather, consistent use or exposure to something damaging, the surface of the concrete is what usually needs help. Our Dana Point concrete resurfacing team provides everything your flooring needs to look like it did the first day you saw it.

Dana Point Concrete Staining: Has the once eye-popping color of your concrete started to lose a bit of its richness? No need to worry – we can help with that too. Staining is an art we don’t take lightly, and we take great pride in being able to provide you with a new color of concrete for your home, or even restore that vivid glow. Reach out to us if you need Dana Point concrete staining.

Not sure what service you need? It can be tricky to tell on your own. But that’s what we’re here for! Let us examine your concrete and tell you exactly which services are right for you. With Alpine Marble, there’s no headache. Just an easy to work with team, and a beautiful concrete floor when we’re finished. Get in touch with us today for your concrete cleaning or restoration!