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Natural stone is a great material to use in any home. It’s no secret why luxurious stone is of the most popular for countertops, flooring, and even centerpieces. Everything from it’s beautiful look to its durability make it the best choice for any room. While the benefits are like no other material, there is one thing that many Costa Mesa homeowners don’t realize. If your natural stone is not maintained regularly, it can leave your stone in rough shape!

You might be thinking, “how could that be true when natural stone is so durable?” The truth is although natural stone is extremely strong, it still has its weaknesses. Substances like acids, chemicals, and even a sharp object dropped just right can all harm your stone. Plus, regular wear and tear develops on every part of your home over time. Scratches, discoloration and other damage can turn your stone from a beautiful addition into an unpleasant sight! When you’re trying to fix damaged stone on your own, it can be stressful, time consuming, and a huge headache. If the last thing you need is one more project on your plate, Alpine Marble is ready and available to help!

At Alpine Marble, we specialize in Costa Mesa natural stone restoration, and our main goal is to make it easy on homeowners. We perform a number of services that are specifically designed to bring your stone back to its original glow. Whether it’s stains, cracks or even chips, we’ve got exactly what your stone needs. We can even clean and repair your decorative concrete! You’ll be shocked at the results from our natural stone restoration for Costa Mesa. Reach out to us today at 1-800-477-6547

“Alpine Marble saved my beautiful new kitchen! I damaged my white marble with a wet cutting board that leeched into the marble making my counter blotchy brown. They worked their miracle and my counter is good as new…”

Teresa Quigley, Irvine Ca.

“We have been working with Alpine Marble for over 15 years. Alpine has far exceeded our expectations time and time again. They are our “go to” company for cleaning, sealing and protecting.“

Cory Glowacz, Huntington Beach Ca.

Your Outdoor space has never looked this good

Many residents in the Costa Mesa area love natural stone tile for patios and outdoor spaces. But over time, natural elements can weather your travertine or other stone.

Just like your indoor stone, outdoor patios aren’t invincible to damage, and they’re even more at risk. While the inside of your stone experiences foot traffic and other types of wear, your outside travertine is literally facing the elements 24 hours a day. If your natural travertine is looking dirty or faded, we can help. And no one wants to step out onto their patio or sit by the pool for a relaxing evening, just to notice how rough their natural stone looks!

That’s why we specialize in Costa Mesa tile cleaning.  We’ve served homeowners all over the state with their travertine and stone tile cleaning, and are ready to make the tile in your Costa Mesa home shine. Between our professional grade equipment and years of experience, there’s no dirt or damage that’s too tough for Alpine Marble.

If you’re ready to have your tile look like it did on the first day you had it again, let us help you. Call us at 1-800-477-6547 or get in touch through our contact form below!