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 Stained concrete can add a beautiful finish to your home both inside and out. Many homeowners in the Newport Beach area love their concrete floors and patios because they look great, and last forever. Not to mention they’re much easier to keep clean than other common flooring, like carpet. What many owners of concrete flooring don’t realize is what happens if they’re not regularly maintained. 

You work hard to make your home look nice, and you deserve for it to look amazing for you and your guests. But over time, your concrete flooring can go from being a flawless addition to your house to more like something from a construction site. Not only will you notice it, but others might too. And there’s nothing worse than not feeling comfortable in your own home!

If you’re concrete looks faded, it can be caused by anything from heavy traffic to general wear and tear from the elements. You could spend your time and energy scrubbing, polishing, and renting professional grade equipment to get your concrete back to it’s supposed to be. But that could take hours or even days, not to mention it gets expensive. 

At Alpine Marble, we’ve worked with stained concrete for years. That means we’ve dealt with almost every concrete problem, and have the experience to make your concrete look great using processes that are as effective as they are efficient. Skip the exhausting DIY experience and get in touch with us today!

“Alpine Marble saved my beautiful new kitchen! I damaged my white marble with a wet cutting board that leeched into the marble making my counter blotchy brown. They worked their miracle and my counter is good as new…”

Teresa Quigley, Irvine Ca.

“We have been working with Alpine Marble for over 15 years. Alpine has far exceeded our expectations time and time again. They are our “go to” company for cleaning, sealing and protecting.“

Cory Glowacz, Huntington Beach Ca.

your concrete can look amazing

We take care of every aspect of concrete, so no matter what you need we can help. Take a look at our full list of services for your concrete.

Concrete Polishing – Notice your concrete looking a bit hazy, or just not having the shine that it used to? Our Newport Beach concrete polishing team will have yours sparkling in no time. Whether it’s one area that needs touching up, or the whole house needs to be polished, we’re up to the task.

Concrete Resurfacing – Sometimes your concrete needs deeper attention than just a new shine. Especially if it’s outdoors, the sun and other elements will strip your concrete of its smooth finish. It can start to look discolored or even begin to break down the exterior. But there’s good news: we handle concrete resurfacing for Newport Beach homeowners on a regular basis. We use tried and true methods to protect your concrete and make it look great again!

Concrete Staining – Over time, the deep rich colors of your concrete will begin to fade, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it forever. Whether your flooring/patio has never been stained or just needs a refresh, we’re at your service. Our concrete staining experts can help you with everything you need.

Not sure which service is right for you? That’s not a problem. Our concrete specialists can diagnose the best treatment for your flooring based on its condition. To make your concrete look spectacular is as easy as reaching out, we’ll take care of the rest. Call us or get in touch through the link below!