Use the same tools as the professionals

to make your home look amazing

When it comes to your stone, you won’t settle for anything less than the best. In between Alpine Marble services, you want to keep your countertops and tile looking fantastic. Alpine Marble’s sister company, Simple Stone Solutions provides you with the professional grade products we use everyday for our clients.

A Countertop cleaner that doesn’t wreak havoc on your stone

Let’s face it – your countertops are going to get dirty. After a nice homecooked meal, you want clean up to be quick and easy. Regular household cleaners might help with the mess, but they can eat away at the finish of your stone, and can do more harm than good. That doesn’t sound easy to us – that’s why we use a neutral pH, safe solution to make countertops shine.
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give your stone the ultimate protector

A huge part of maintaining your stone is keeping it protected on the front side. Sealant provides a layer between your stone and things that could harm it. With resistance to scratches, stains, and regular wear, you can keep your stone looking great longer – which means less calls to us! When it comes to sealant, quality matters. That’s why we only trust the best for our clients. Get Your Stone Protectors

treat your natural stone to a deeper clean

Sometimes, surface level cleaners just don’t cut it. To get rid of residue, or something set deeper within your stone, you need a professional grade cleaner. This cleaner is great for use on marble, limestone, granite and other natural stone. If you need something for particularly dirty surfaces, or to remove grease and grime without hurting your stone, this is the tool for you. Get Yours Here

The Right Equipment for the right job

Once you have the right cleaners, the right tools will help you tackle any natural stone task. Anyone who works with natural stone knows that the equipment you use has a huge impact. Everything from how long you spend, how much energy it takes, and even how comfortable you are depends on your tools. We’ve tested out many, and want you to use the best too.
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